What is the advantage of Granite Countertops? Most people consider granite to be the best natural material used for countertops. Every stone is unique and has a natural beauty that cannot be duplicated.

What is the advantage of Engineered Stone Countertops? It is an engineered quartz surface that is over 90%quartz which makes it the most durable and low maintenance countertop available.

Can stone countertops withstand hot pots? If a pot or skillet is too hot to touch it is too hot for a stone countertop? Although granite and engineered stone countertops can take some heat, hot pots, skillets or roasting pans should never be placed directly on the countertop surface. We strongly recommend the use of trivets and hot pads.

Does granite crack? Under ordinary use, Granite does not crack, however granite does not flex like other ordinary laminate and solid surface countertops so standing or kneeling on unsupported portions of a granite countertop may cause it to crack.

Does granite stain? Normally, granite does not stain. However, all stone is somewhat porous and may absorb some moisture which may possibly cause the stone to appear darker. Once the liquid has been removed, the stone will return to its original color. We provide you with instructions for caring for your countertop.

Does granite scratch? Granite is one of the hardest stones available and is extremely difficult to scratch.

Do you have general liability insurance? Yes. Our policy covers us for several million dollars in liabilitym, and we will provide proof of insurance upon request.

Do you make the homeowner obtain the permit? No. We obtain all permits for your project if they are required.

What is your payment policy?Once you review our quotation and place an order we request 50% of the total payment when we tdo the template and the balance is due when the installation is complete.

Do you use sub-contractors? Yes. The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work is always done by our associates.

Are your prices negotiable? Our design and subsequent proposal is based on your pre-established budget. The price can be reduced by using different materials and possibly scaling down the design. This is the only way we can lower our price and be a profitable business.

Do I have to buy the whole stone slab? No, we determine how much material is needed for your countertops and you only pay for what is required to fabricate your slab.

How expensive is a stone countertop? Excellent question. Granite is one of the most popular and more expensive countertops and typically runs from $30 – $42 per square foot depending on the quality of the stone. Most other stone can be $5 – $10 less expensive.

Do you give free estimates? Our estimates are always based on our design and there is no direct charge for an estimate. It is an opportunity for us to meet with you, understand your unique needs and provide you with a quote which we believe will beat our competitors.